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-chinese wedding shows up on t.v-

him: You know, I think I want an asian wedding…

Me: it looks really nice.

Him: Yeah, they dress in that outfit, and then they go the parents house, and they bow down to them and stuff. so then you’d have to pour them tea — uh, and yeah.

Me: -smiling and trying to sound casual- yeah, my friend went to a cambodian wedding and she was telling me how it’s a long ceremony and they meet up with the monks too. they’re on their knees for a long time during the ceremony, and yeah… it looks really really nice.

'You're my person. You're the one I want to talk to when something happens. The one I always want to share things with first, who comes to mind when something is wrong, the first one who pops into mind when I need to talk to someone about something…”

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Today I saw a performance at Alvin Ailey
and omgoodness I was spazzing so much.
I don’t know why, I always feel bittersweet whenever I see dance performances.

I love watching it. I love seeing passionate people doing their interpretations and expressing themselves through dance.

At the same…

It’s been too long.

"honestly I really like confidence in you.. I dont want u to act like ur a diva but i want u to have ur personal style and not be afraid of it. Your beautiful.. i dont care what anyone says. Today i was sitting down and i looked at you.. and honestly i just pondered.. who would of thought you’d be my girlfriend, my bestffriend, my guardian angel, my true love
 i started thinking about how much you’ve helped me.. and i really appreciate it baby.. and i started thinking about how ur shy to show ur beauty..”

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1 year ago on May 15, 2012 at 02:13am

H: “Does this mean I have to marry you?”

M: “No… loser.”

H: “because I would”

-doesn’t look up and stays silent for a moment … looks up and finds them smiling-

H: “Stop being cute…”

M: “Shut up.”

H: “I would though. You know I told my mom that?”

M: “What?? What did she say?”

H: “I told her… that if we last for 3 years and we’re happy together, I’ll marry you. She smiled and gave me her ‘okay’ face”

M: “lololol stopppp”


H: “I love you too much”

M: “You can never love someone too much. And I love you too.”

It’s amazing seeing how much your perspective has changed about this… and you continue to surprise me when you bring it up out of the blue. I’m still not saying anything to you about it because you never know what can happen. Instead, I’ll continue to let things flow like they have been. 

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1 year ago on May 14, 2012 at 09:14pm

This time, I’m thinking of you and only you.
This time, I have you in my thoughts and only you.
This time, I’m doing this for you - for us - and only us.

And that makes me incredibly happy.

1 year ago on May 04, 2012 at 05:27am

"You can’t come to my house lmao"

"why not? let’s go watch a movie and make pina colada :D"

"My room is really messy…"

"-____-… like I care? I’ve seen your room messy before lol"

"No like … it’s beyond messy. Like, you’ll break up with me if you see that mess, messy. lol"

"Listen yo, if you ever want to live with me someday, you better change your messy habits mister! XP"

"Dude, I should be an interior designer or something. I love decorating my room and stuff. Watch, someday when I get my own place, I’m going to decorate it really nice"

"You mean, decorate our place." -pause- "…no?"

"Mmm… we’ll see."

1 year ago on May 04, 2012 at 02:43am